Digital Loan Application and Calculation of Loan


Lite lender, which is one of the most frequently used banks of our country with its retail banking products, has begun to enable almost all kinds of banking transactions to be made over the internet thanks to the digital reform efforts it has recently initiated. In this context, Lite lender also makes it possible for consumers to apply for consumer loans online, and makes its product, which is produced as Digital Credit, available only for this purpose.

If consumers who want to use digital credit have a deposit account, they do not need to go to the branch for allocation and they can start spending their credit in a short time like 5 minutes.

Digital Credit Calculation

Digital Credit Calculation

Digital loan is a loan that can be allocated in a short time with contractual interest rates. The loan, which can be withdrawn with a interest rate of 1.89% up to a 36-month term, can be allocated with an interest rate of 1.79% if it is desired to be used for a 48-month term.

  1. The interest rate of the consumer who applies for a loan of 10 thousand USD and wants to repay this loan with a 36-month maturity is 1.89%. Therefore, it has to pay 409.41 USD installment for 36 months. The total amount to be repaid will be 14,738.92 USD.
  2. The interest rate of the consumer, who requests a 48-month maturity for the 10 thousand USD loan, is 1.79%. In this case, an installment payment of 335.91 USD is required for 48 months. The total amount to be repaid is USD 16,124.03.

How To Apply For  Digital Loan

How To Apply For  Digital Loan

After entering the internet or mobile branch to apply for digital loans, bank customers follow the Applications> Credit> Consumer Loan steps, by calling the call center, visiting the  branch, using the page, ATMs or SMS. You can send the application for general purpose loans.

Those who are not customers can submit their application by using website, Facebook page, ATMs or branches. If the result of the application is positive, consumers who do not have an account should go to the nearest Lite lender branch and open a deposit account to which financing will be allocated.

Credit Application Inquiry

Lite lender Credit Application Inquiry

Digital loan applications transmitted to  bank are answered within a very short time, however, various delays may occur and it is possible to make inquiries for application evaluations that are considered to be taking too long. To do this, all you have to do is log in to the Internet branch, enter the Credit page in the Applications menu and follow the Ongoing Loan Applications link. The fate of all applications made on the page to be opened can be questioned.

Documents Required by Digital Credit

Documents Required by Digital Credit

It is possible for customers to allocate the credit to the account directly over the internet without declaring any documents, but the consumers who need to open an account should go to the branch together with their identity card, income document and residence.

Consumers, whose credit application is concluded negatively, may go to the branch and submit a new application by submitting an income certificate, whether they are customers or not. In case of submitting an income certificate, the possibility of a positive response to the loan application will increase.

You can examine our credit application section without going to the branch, and check out the loan offers offered at the current interest rates, then make an instant loan application, get your money in your account, or instantly receive it in another bank account via transfer.

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