Credit Agree Bank is an international credit institution that was founded in 1994 under the name Capital lender. The bank was established under Dutch law and is supervised by the Cream bank. Credit Agree Bank is primarily active in Germany as a private customer bank and sells various investment and financing products via its website. […]

Loan insurance more expensive than the interest rate? Is insurance designed to cover a home loan becoming more expensive than the interest paid to the lender? In any case, this is what some financial institutions say after this scenario has started to appear. However, the situation is far from surprising given the development of interest […]

In France, there are a multitude of devices that help to support renovation works. It is not always very easy for owners to identify the aids available. Back on the various mechanisms put in place by the State. Renovations of great interest to sellers Renovation work in real estate is enjoying a certain trend. If […]

The repurchase or regrouping of consumer credits is a banking operation consisting in gathering several loans in only one. The interest is based on the proposal of a new repayment plan and therefore the reduction of the monthly payments. This debt restructuring action adapts in particular to the needs of the applicant. It is also […]